The mission of the Wayland Little League is to provide baseball and softball programs that serve players of all abilities. Wayland Little League strives to provide a positive, competitive environment with emphasis on teaching the fundamentals and the rule

The Wayland Little League Baseball and Softball Organization would like to thank and recognize the Steve Henley Foundation for their very generous donation of a Big Bubba Pro Batting Cage Turtle for use at the Wayland HS Varsity Field.

Welcome to Wayland Little League Baseball and Softball.

The mission of the Wayland Little League is to provide baseball and softball programs that serve players of all abilities. Wayland Little League strives to provide a positive, safe environment with 
organized baseball and softball leagues, game and skill development opportunities to players in grades K through 9 in a fun, engaging, and safe environment for spring, summer, and fall programs.


Our affiliation provides numerous direct and indirect benefits to players and their families including enhanced training and skills, development tools for all players, coaches and umpires, alignment with neighboring Little League-affiliated towns, and of course, the opportunity to field a Williamsport national tournament team.

Supported by Wayland Park & Recreation Department for the benefit of the boys, girls and residents of WaylandWayland Little League is an all volunteer organization committed to building an appreciation for the games of baseball and softball through quality coaching and parental involvement.

We welcome your participation as a player, as a coach or as one of our many volunteers, as a financial contributor or team’s sponsor and as a fan.


Wayland Little League annual calendar draw fundraiser

Wayland Softball, Junior Razorbacks team

Each year Wayland Little League holds a calendar drawing in an effort to raise money for the league.  It is our largest fund raiser of the year, generating funds to allow us to continue to provide baseball and softball programs.

All proceeds from the drawing go towards supporting our programs and activities throughout the year: New equipment, field use (did you know we are charged $40 per player for field use?), picnic and parade, gym use, Frozen Ropes instructors, scholarships, free clinics, etc.


Every team is involved in the this effort, and pictured here are the Junior Razorbacks softball team doing an awesome job, selling over 50 tickets in just over 4 hours...... great job! Thanks to all of our awesome players and coaches!!



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Wayland Little League parade 2016

Wayland Little League Parade 2016.

Hundreds of Wayland Little League baseball, softball players and families turned out to take part in the annual Wayland Little League parade was held on Saturday May 7th 2016. 

Many first time players who are in the instructional league attended the parade, the route of which went from Wayland Middle School to Cochituate Field in Wayland. 

Up on arriving Wayland Little League President Steve Curtain addressed all of the players and parents with the following message.

"This is a very special year for us as we have affiliated with Little League International - check out the patches on your uniforms. Little League International is the most recognized and respected youth sports organization in the United States. One of our goals this year as an organization was to put together a lasting foundation for Wayland youth baseball and softball going forward. Affiliation provides better organizational structure, a consistent set of rules, makes it easier for to play other towns and it gives us the opportunity to put together tournament teams for those players that wish to play at an even higher level of competition. This year we'll be putting together a tournament team at the majors baseball level for summer tournament starting in June. Stay tuned"

Steve went on to say,

"Congratulations to all of the players - baseball and softball are tough sports to play. I give you credit for challenging yourself. The hard work you're putting in now will pay off. As you continue with the program you'll begin to appreciate what great games they are - unlike any other sports. Maybe some day you'll get to play on the high school baseball and softball teams."


Wayland Little League would like to thank Wayland Senator Richard J. Ross for attending the parade and presenting long time board member Jim Murphy with the Maxine Gordon Award.

Senator Ross with Jim Murphy after presenting the Maxine Gordon Award


Players and families then went on to  enjoy a number of stations and activities including

  • Face painting.
  • Silent auctions for donated baseball / softball gifts.
  • Free Drinks and Pizza
  • Speed pitching competitions
  • ​Bouncy house
  • Hitting challenges
  • Pitching accuracy challenges
  • Wayland Baseball and Softball merchandise stands


Wayland Little League would like to the thank the following for all of their hard work and dedication to make the parade and the baseball and softball seasons the success that they are.

  • All volunteer Coaches
  • Coaches and members of the high school baseball and softball teams
  • Nicole Russell who organized the whole parade and picnic 
  • Ward Russell, Board Member, Vice President, Commissioner, Coach
  • Paul Roberts, Board Member, Commissioner, Coach, CIO, Webmaster.
  • Chris Fay Board Member, Head of coaching and instruction, K-2 Coach.
  • Randall Moore, Board Member, Safety Officer, Umpires, Coach. 
  • Frank Krasin, Board Member, Equipment,
  • Eddie Bumstead, Board Member, Commissioner, Coach​ Player Agent. 
  • Steve Sandler, Board Member, Treasurer.
  • Paul Cicarelli, Board Member, Sponsors Program.
  • Stephanie Leong, Little League Charter and many other projects.
  • Chris Burgess, Coach.
  • Jim Murphy
    • Coaching 15 yrs at all levels, with 4 years as Commissioner of Minuteman/Patriot League Babe Ruth Baseball.
    • Board Member for 8 years.
    • Co-Chair of Baseball and Softball Parade and Picnic for 5 years.
    • Director of Uniforms for Baseball and Softball for 12 years.



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Wayland Little League Baseball and Softball would like to thank the Steve Henley Foundation for their generous donation of a “Big Bubba Pro Batting Cage Turtle” for use at the Wayland HS Varsity Field.

This piece of equipment is a significant enhancement to the facility that will make the baseball experience more productive and enjoyable for all ages for years to come. 

Wayland Little League is proud to work with Wayland High School varsity baseball coach Joe Cincotta to coordinate activities for baseball players of all ages and will be announcing further details throughout the season. One program includes a mentorship program which will pair varsity baseball players with minor league coaches to assist in the practice and games and bring minor league players to a varsity HS game to experience what it’s like to be a varsity baseball player. We encourage you to support the Wayland High School baseball team and the Steve Henley Foundation.

The Steve Henley foundation has been providing support to youth and HS athletic programs for over 10 years including the donation of equipment and uniforms.   The major event fundraiser for the Steve 

Henley foundation is the annual golf tournament to be held on June 10, 2016 at the Sandy Burr Country Club.  We encourage you to support the foundation by participating in this great event, sponsor a hole or simply donate funding (see below on how to contribute).

Steve Henley was a Wayland High School football coach whose life was tragically cut short at age 46 from a stroke. He loved sports and working with Wayland youths. He believed athletics are more than a matter of points scored. They are more about the friendships forged, lessons learned and character built. He was always eager to support youth sports.  For Steve, the question was always not “if” something could be done but rather “when” it could be done. 

Through this memorial fund, all monies raised directly benefit Wayland youth. Below are just some of the items this Memorial Golf Outing has purchased for Wayland athletes. 

  • WHS Football – Sponsored several players to attend Camp Caribou for a week prior to the season;
  • WHS Football – Eight Riddell Speed Helmets;
  • WHS Football – Orange Game Jerseys;
  • WHS Football - Raincoats for football players/coaches;
  • WHS Softball – Pitching machine;
  • WHS Softball/Baseball – Contributed to score boards;
  • WHS Girls Hockey Team – Team uniforms;
  • WHS Boys Hockey Team – Team uniforms; WHS Boys and girls hockey socks;
  • WMS - Track uniforms; WMS - Hockey team uniforms; WMS - Hockey socks;
  • WMS - Hockey championship sweatshirts;
  • WHS - Boys Basketball – Embroidered jackets;
  • WHS - Boys Basketball – Embroidered pants;
  • WHS - Girls Basketball – Embroidered jackets;
  • WHS - Girls Basketball – Embroidered pants;
  • WHS - Cheerleaders – Mats for practice; WHS - Cheerleaders Warm-up jackets;
  • WHS – Benches for the players at the high school gym;
  • WHS – Pep band jackets; WHS – Quick start training system;
  • WHS - Swim Team – Five years of championship banners displayed at the pool;
  • WHS - Swim Team – Replaced the starter for the Colorado timing system;
  • WHS - Swim Team – 42-inch TV attached to a video camera and a Tivo system;
  • WHS - Swim Team – Three pull-up abdominal workout machines;
  • WHS - Wrestling - Embroidered jackets;
  • WHS – Golf - Embroidered jackets; WHS – Embroidered wool hats;
  • WHS – Golf - Embroidered caps; WHS – Weight room supplies;
  • Wayland Warriors – Donated $1000.00;
  • Wayland Jr. Warrior Swim Team – Storage bins;
  • WHS Sailing Team - $1000.00 donation; Town Beach – All terrain beach wheelchair;
  • Chairs for Team Members, wrestling, volleyball, basketball;
  • WHS Lacrosse - Coaching shirts; WHS Lacrosse - Coaching clinics.

During his 46 years, Steve made his mark on family, friends and community. Not only did he live his life to the fullest, but he shared his love for life with those around him. It is this love of life combined with his generosity and capacity from giving that inspired the Henley Family to create this memorial fund. 

The Henley Family are grateful to all their supporters, who have done so much to make this Fund and the Annual Golf Tournament a great success.

Donations to the Steve Henley Memorial Fund can be made out to:

The Steve Henley Memorial Fund
197 Stone Bridge Road Wayland 01778
For more information you may call 508-922-9697





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Volunteers needed

Wayland Baseball & Softball Association - Volunteers Needed

Do you remember those coaches who inspired and helped you when you were young? Those coaches were likely parent volunteers who gave their time in order to give you an awesome experience in your chosen sport and life-long memories.

Like those coaches who came before - the Wayland Baseball & Softball Association (WBSA) is an all-volunteer, "parent powered" organization who rely on as many parents and guardians getting involved in anyway they can. Wayland Baseball and Softball Association is run by an all volunteer staff. We like you, are the parents, friends or family of children who are currently playing town baseball or softball.

WBSA is always looking for responsible and enthusiastic individuals to support and coordinate events and activities. Little League Baseball and Softball is an organization designed to build good citizens. It is a program of leadership, preparing today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders. WBSA relies on a devoted legion of adult and youth volunteers to help ensure that the organization runs smoothly, events are planned and take place and leagues are organized, funded and run throughout they year.

Why Should I Become a Volunteer?
As a parent or family member of a baseball or softball player, you of course have a keen interest in the continuing development of your child or children.
Volunteering allows you to be involved with your child supporting them while they participate in an organized team sport that is fun and educational in many aspects. Your participation allows us to run our programs provide vital coaching to teams while also ensuring their safety, well-being, in games and practices.

The benefits of volunteering are truly endless and many parents and other volunteers find it a rewarding experience that provides their children an everlasting memory of a shared childhood experience.

Who Can Volunteer?
Anyone and everyone can apply to become a volunteer. Whatever talents or skills you have, we can use them! All parents of children involved in Baseball and Softball are strongly encouraged to volunteer. As a parent, volunteer, you have the opportunity to spend quality time with your child in a safe, fun-filled environment volunteering is t just for parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, retirees, community leaders, former Little Leaguers, friends, neighbors, and in fact any community member who wishes to become a volunteer are encouraged to do so.

What Can I Volunteer To Do?
No experience is required to become a volunteer. Most of the volunteer opportunities require little or no training. WBSA will provide you with any necessary training (as well as support and encouragement), as necessary. The best volunteers are those who are able to bring added enjoyment to the game simply be being themselves. What you see during Little League games is a mere fraction of what you can do as a volunteer. You can volunteer to help in virtually any aspect of Little League Baseball or Softball.

  • Team Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Base coach
  • Bench Coach
  • Game Scorer Pitch Count
  • Field Set Up
  • WBSA Board Member
  • Clerk
  • Event Planner / Coordinator
  • Event assistant.
  • Marketing
  • Internet Website
  • Communications
  • Finances
  • Uniform
  • Fundraising / Raffle

We ask and encourage for you to get involved, especially with coaching, without coaching volunteers there would be no season, so please consider participating in any way you can.  To register now as a coach or volunteer click here.

Those who volunteer to coach in a WBSA program find it a worthwhile and rewarding experience that teaches much more than how to play a sport in the formative period of a child’s development.

Coaches must have understanding, patience and the capacity to work with children. The manager and coach should be able to inspire respect. Above all else, managers and coaches must realize that they are helping to shape the physical, mental and emotional development of young people.

We ask the following of our baseball and softball coaches:

  • Attend the coaches’ clinic.
  • Develop the skills and fundamentals of all members of the team, regardless of skill level or prior knowledge. Instruct players at a level they can understand.
  • Games are for the players to improve their playing skills and abilities.
  • All players will be afforded an equal opportunity and bc encouraged to participate and try all aspects of the game.
  • Make it fun for players of all abilities. Use positive reinforcement.
  • Adhere to the WBSA coaching philosophy, and abide by the Code of Conduct.
  • Be a positive role model for your players. Use conflicts as an opportunity to demonstrate leadership.
  • Respect the judgment of the umpires.
  • Treat your players and opposing players and coaches with respect.

The Wayland Baseball & Softball Association runs programs throughout the year and we’re always looking for people to join us to help out in any capacity.

We hold monthly meetings that are open to anyone so we welcome you to come by and listen, provide input, and learn what kind of volunteer opportunities are available.  Please contact us more information on how you can get involved.

In addition to coaching, there are also plenty of other opportunities to get involved as well.

You can sign up when you register your child in one of our programs or you can click here to sign up to volunteer with Wayland Baseball & Softball Association.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Field Status
Frozen Ropes - Natick OPEN (5/26) 
Wayland Art King CLOSED - Wayland TBD (5/26) 
Wayland Claypit 1 - Wayland OPEN (5/26) 
Wayland Claypit 2 - Wayland OPEN (5/26) 
Wayland Cochituate 1 - Wayland OPEN (5/26) 
Wayland Cochituate 2 - Wayland OPEN (5/26) 
Wayland H/S Baseball 1 - Wayland OPEN (5/26) 
Wayland H/S Baseball 2 - Wayland OPEN (5/26) 
Wayland H/S Softball - Wayland OPEN (5/26) 
Wayland M/S Baseball - Wayland OPEN (5/26) 
Wayland M/S Softball - Wayland OPEN (5/26) 
Wayland Riverview - Wayland OPEN (5/26) 
Wayland Town Bld Gym - Wayland OPEN (5/26) 
Wayland, Middle Sch Gym - Wayland OPEN (5/26) 


Wayland Little League relies on parent volunteers to enable us to run our baseball programs! 

All of our Little League coaches are parents. To be eligible to coach you must register.


WLL Programs
Grades K-1
AAA Instructional
Grade 2
Minor League
Grades 3-4
Major League
Grades 5-6


Grades 7-8-9
(ages 13-15)
Rookie Softball
Grades K-1
Grapefruit Softball
Grades 2-3
Junior Softball
Grades 4-5
Softball – Senior


Grades 6-8
Softball - Traveling Competitive Team -Spring/Summer 14U - Wed 6pm and Sunday for Spring, Weekend Tournaments Grades 7-9 Subject to 14U Eligibility
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