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Wayland  Little League Player Call-Up Guidelines



Purpose of Call-Up Players

To eliminate the need to forfeit and/or reschedule games, call-ups may be requested if a manager faces a shortage of rostered players available for an entire game (ten or fewer players). 


If a team is missing half of its roster, a coach can request to reschedule the game through their league Commissioner. Otherwise, a team can request the call-up players needed to field a team.


ALL player call-ups must be routed via the WLL Player Agent. Any registered Wayland Little League player playing for any other Wayland Little League team that has not been applied for through, and approved by the WLL Player Agent will result in a game result being recorded as a forfeit (loss).


Leagues that can use call-up players.


  • Inter-Town Majors, 
  • Majors, 
  • Minors


  • Juniors, 
  • Seniors, 



Players must be approved by both parent's and manager / coach:


  • All Active Minors players to Major League only.
  • All Active AAA players to Minor League only. 


  • All active Junior League players to Senior League.


How to Request a Call-Up Player:

  • The requesting manager MUST fill out the Player Call Up Request Form Click here to open the form
  • The Player Agent will contact the pre-approved player(s) and assign as needed
  • Once the required player has been assigned to the requesting coach / team - the player agent will confirm this via email to the requesting coach.


When Should You Request a Call-Up Player? 

As soon as you know you will be short of players. We will do our best to accommodate and fill game-day requests. 


Can Managers/Coaches Request/Recruit Specific Players?

No. Player Agents will work closely with Commissioners and assign the players. Player Agents will track usage of call-ups from a pre-set list of manager-, commissioner - and player-approved players, and will contact parents in order to allow for a wide variety of player opportunities. 


Call-Up Player Guidelines:

  • Priority for players is on their own team’s game vs. call-up team request
  • Players cannot be ‘borrowed’ from the opposing team in regular season or playoff games.
  • Call-up players can play any position other than pitcher.
  • You may request a catcher if you are short a player with catching ability
  • Call-up players must play at least 9 consecutive defensive outs and bat at least once
  • Call-up players must bat at the bottom of the order following all regular team members. If you have two call-up players they should bat in the last two spots
  • Call-up playing time will not exceed that of regular roster member playing time
  • Call-up players shall wear their regular team jersey during call-up games
  • Managers: Keep in mind rule and age play-time differences among divisions
  • Only League-age 10 players may play more than one game per day.