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Maxine Gordon Memorial Award

In 1997, the Wayland Baseball and Softball association was proud to initiate the Maxine Gordon Memorial Award. The Wayland Baseball & Softball Association continue this tradition and honor the great people who help enrich our children’s lives.   
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Maxine Gordon had those rare qualities that made her a great coach and sportswoman and a true role model for all our youth. Maxine loved people and sports. She loved kids. She loved a good game.

The Wayland Baseball and Softball Association was greatly enriched by her involvement and spirit
. Maxine always had cheerful, encouraging and positive words for every player. She instilled the love of sports and good sportsmanship. Maxine made a difference in a lot of kids' lives. She coached both softball and baseball teams and was the first woman to coach in the majors. She helped each player to develop and grow. Each player came with a certain set of skills. Each improved. Each could feel good about how they played. Each was an important part of the team. Maxine's players developed skills while enjoying the sport, the competition, and the camaraderie.

With her enthusiasm and knowledge, her encouraging selfless approach, and her love of people and sports, Maxine Gordon was a great role model for all.

Maxine Gordon Memorial Award Recipients

  • 2016 Jim Murphy
  • 2015 Stephen Sandler
  • 2014  Eric Schwartz
  • 2013  Frank Krasin
  • 2012  Adrian Gomes
  • 2011  Simone Mordas
  • 2010  Mike Coons
  • 2009  Asa Foster
  • 2008  Ed Samp
  • 2007  Jean Seiden
  • 2006  Joe Dorr
  • 2005  Robert J. Karol
  • 2004  Miriam Andrews
  • 2003  Bill Fulginite
  • 2002  John Ganz
  • 2001  Pete Foley
  • 2000  Luke Gillespie
  • 1999  Vern Elarth
  • 1998  Art King
  • 1997  Bill Kilcoyne