The mission of the Wayland Little League is to provide baseball and softball programs that serve players of all abilities. Wayland Little League strives to provide a positive, competitive environment with emphasis on teaching the fundamentals and the rule


Coaching with Wayland Little League

Wayland Little League Coach extraordinaire Eddie Bumstead leading from the front.

Wayland Little League is an all-volunteer, "parent powered" organization who rely on as many parents and guardians like you getting involved in anyway they can.

We ask and encourage for you to get involved, especially with coaching, without coaching and volunteers there would be no season, so please consider participating in any way you can.  

We are currently planning for the upcoming season and need your assistance as we are in the process of setting up the leagues, coaches and key positions.  

Available Positions

Head Coaches:  We are always looking for parents to help with the program – particularly with the younger grades.  If you have played baseball in High School and/or College and would be interested in coaching please reach out and let us know!  

The head coach is responsible for:

  • Practice scheduling and practice plans
  • Game schedules / rearranging games etc.
  • Creating team line-ups.
  • Managing the game,
  • Communicating with the other teams head coach
  • Communicating with the umpire staff.
  • Etc

Assistant Coaches: Assists the head coach with practices and games. Takes on the duties of the head coach in his/her absence. Assistant coaches will  help with things such as:

  • Assisting the team coach.
  • Assisting with or running team practices
  • Bench Coach - keeping the batting line up moving or helping the catcher on with their equipment.
  • Base Coach during a game.
  • Score Keeper
  • Pitch Counter  

Team Managers:  We looking to have one parent manager for each team. Team Managers are generally are responsible for all team administration / email communication relative to practices and games etc. Other responsibilities would include assisting with transportation and other team requirements not directly linked with playing.

Additionally the manager will help coordinate raffle sales for their team and help coordinate any team specific events.  

Team Scorekeeper:  Responsible keeping score with the official score book and reporting scores for each game.


To volunteer to coach, we ask all parents to indicate their interest to coach when you sign your children up to play in a league or course or clinic.

Fill in the form that will look similar the image below.


Filling in this form is not a committment or a guarentee that you will coach - just an indication that you have an interest. 

Closer to the season you will be asked to register as a coach, complete the required pre-requistie courses and successfully complete the background checks required by Massachusetts state law.


In accordance with Massachusetts state law and Little League Regulations, All coaches and managers must register to be assigned to a team. If you want to participate with your child's team  you must successfully complete the WLLL registration process.